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  1. Zorro Kills Thief in Lecture Prank (with Mariachi Band) - http://ow.ly/a5ESm
  2. Kate Upton SoBe Staring Contest Commercial - http://ow.ly/a5EOt
  3. Upstairs (Short Film) - http://ow.ly/a5F0c
  4. Lions photographed with a robotic camera - http://ow.ly/a5EKH
  5. Beautiful SXSW Timelapse - http://ow.ly/a5EM9
  6. The History of April Fools Day - http://ow.ly/a5Fts
  7. OK Go - Skyscrapers (Official Video) - http://ow.ly/a5EW2
  8. Gulp. The making of the world’s largest stop-motion animation - http://ow.ly/a5F2c
  9. How Condoms are made - http://ow.ly/a5Fm6

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