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Top Tweets of the (LAST) week

  1. Dress for the job you want - http://ow.ly/5mWSh #LOL
  2. Robocop runs on Duracell - http://ow.ly/5lqSY  #Packaging
  3. Warning! This is a live stream, anything could happen - http://ow.ly/5pMYL #glasto11
  4. All you need is love - http://ow.ly/5jknl #YVR
  5. PARK ing - http://ow.ly/5qIAM #Banksy
  6. World’s First #QRCode Coin - http://ow.ly/5mtki
  7. @TheKillers preparing ‘surprise’ for London’s @HardRockCalling /via @NMEmagazine - http://ow.ly/5pAZY #HRC2011
  8. How to Spice Up Your #Sales Meeting - http://ow.ly/5oa1f
  9. What really happened in Vancouver /via @julien - http://ow.ly/5m4bf #Canucks

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