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Top Tweets of the (LAST) week

  1. How Great Leaders Make Their Own Luck - http://ow.ly/biSL8 #Leadership
  2. Instagram Picks - http://ow.ly/bsVH7
  3. Largest-ever password study: We are all idiots - http://ow.ly/bqGDe
  4. 15 techniques to get more done while away from your desk - ow.ly/btpI6 #Productivity
  5. Top Tweets of the (LAST) week - http://ow.ly/bn7dq #TopTweets
  6. New Twitter Bird - http://ow.ly/bpDZA #Design
  7. »REPLAY» Videos of the week - http://ow.ly/bo95X
  8. National Cleavage Day 2012: Women Strip In London - http://ow.ly/9Z45K
  9. Free Face Recognition API: Face Recognition Software Apps for the masses – http://ow.ly/bo3Mi

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