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  1. 9 months old twins dancing - http://ow.ly/9Pa70
  2. SHAME: “New York New York” - http://ow.ly/9Pazh
  3. Share one with a friend - http://ow.ly/9PaHE
  4. Kate Upton Takes Zoo York (UNCENSORED) - http://ow.ly/9P9Pc
  5. Freebord - http://ow.ly/9P9TN
  6. Wrecking Crew Orchestra - http://ow.ly/9P9Wg
  7. How Dogs Help Veterans Cope with PTSD by TIME Video - http://ow.ly/9P9ZT
  8. Test Your Film Knowledge in 30 Seconds - http://ow.ly/9Pa1O
  9. Jump Rope’s Dizzying Perspective - http://ow.ly/9Pa9V

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