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Top Tweets of the (LAST) week

  1. #MadMen Perform Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up - http://ow.ly/du1o2
  2. Top Tweets of the (LAST) week - http://ow.ly/drfqW #TopTweets
  3. Madness - http://ow.ly/dtOp6 #Muse
  4. 50 Most Unintentionally Hilarious #Movies Of All Time - http://ow.ly/dlIIF
  5. Video del Reto @mextagram [SONRISAS] - http://ow.ly/dvbHl
  6. Instagram Picks - http://ow.ly/dp0Ph
  7. Conan O’Brien Introduces The Blues To First-Graders - http://ow.ly/duLZ1 #LOL
  8. National Cleavage Day 2012: Women Strip In London - http://ow.ly/9Z45K
  9. Apple > Nokia > Samsung - http://ow.ly/dk1ya #LOL
  10. 12 Mini Consumer and Business #Trends – http://ow.ly/drVyY

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